A video add inside the pages of a magazine – wow!


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Has anyone else seen Marie Claire magazine this month?

Sandwiched inside it’s pages is actually a mini screen that plays a Dolce & Gabbana video advert! Picture & music. You need to see it to believe it!

A very impressive innovation that took me by surprise. Clever really getting a piece of the rapidly developing digital world into print. What could be next – clips of models walking in/wearing the featured clothes? Videos tutorials of makeup/hair? Behind the scences on how the mag was put together? Ooh the possibilities…….

The screen is in a magazine page made from very thin cardboard and has a plastic strip in the binding of the magazine that must sense when the page is opened and this then automatically makes the video play.

So what do you think – clever techology or advertising overkill?





What did I buy in August…..


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So I thought I’d share with you all the new (beauty) products that I bought throughout August and why.

This was meant to be a strict limited spending month for me as I am currently saving to have a new bathroom put it …..but looking at the list below I think I have been a naughty girl :(. I blame it fully on the dangers on interent shopping and marketing emails !!

Anyways the purchases ……

Dr Brandt Anti Oxidant water booster (blueberry flavour). You add a small dropper amount to a glass of water everyday and it is meant to provide the equvilant of up to 15 bags of green tea. Helping to fight free radicals and maintain younger looking skin. What i think so far, after getting past the very funny taste I have been using this every Monday through to Friday without fail and it is very simple. As for results I will post a review after 2 – 3 months use. (I actually bought this as it was 1/2 price from Space NK 🙂 ) – £15.00 RRP £30.00ish

Rimmel 60 second nail Varnish – Clear. I may have mentioned this before – I love this cheapish nail varnish and use it as a top coat or on its own. Gives a great glossy long lasting finish all for around £3. This is now my 3rd bottle I think…..

Hydraluron Moisture Booster from Indeed Labs – This came highly recommend by “the beauty mouth” blog and believe you me it must be an amazing product if it makes it into Caroline Hirons hall of fame. I trust her blog so I bought this 🙂 £24.99 form boots – my review will be coming up later this month

PeptaLash from Indeed Labs – Worth £24.99 and came free with my purchase above from Boots! Great timing as I am just amount running out of my revitalash and if this works as well as that it will save me some money compared to the £50+ price tag for revitalash. My review will probably be in Oct. (see my revitalash review here)

L’Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream – £18.50 – I liked the hand cream so much I decided to have a go with the foot cream! ( see my hand cream review here)

The following 4 items came from Brand Alley ( a secret sale website – see my explanation of these here). I bought them because the were a bargain. Reviews will be coming for all of them later this month.

Elizabeth Arden Pink Bikini Metallic Lip Pencil – £7.00

Elizabeth Arden Black Double density Mascara – £8.50

Jemma Kidd Pose Stain Blush – £5.00

Parks London Lime/Citrus Room diffuser – £12.00

I also am signed up to Glossy Box and Jolie Box subcriptions of sample products that arrive in the post – a little hit and miss sometimes but I love the excitement opening them when they arrive. (I know i am sad!). I have also signed up to the all natural beauty box company called Amarya and am looking forward to recieving my first box from them. I don’t review the other two boxes as so many people do already but I will review this one as I had never heard about it. – All subscriptions are about £12.95 a month inc P&P ( Gosh that adds up to nearly £40 a month – I may have to cull a box! )

I must do better in September otherwise I will never get my bathroom – maybe I will look into Hypnotherapy, Ive heard that can help with compulsive shopping habits!!

My Joilie beauty box got ran over by a lorry!


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It was the friday before bank holiday when a mysterious email arrived at the generic email address for the company where I work, for my attention.

A very nice company based about a mile away from where I work had found a parcel addressed to me lying in the road by their delivery bay and had kindly contacted me to inform me of the location of my parcel. They had left the parcel on reception for me to collect, warning though that they thought the parcel had been run over.

I wasnt overly keen in going to collect my road kill parcel but I wanted to know where it was from so it could be replaced.

I collected the parcel and as I was leaving the building I could smell a lovely scented smell – and actually thought to myself how nice their building smelt. It wasn’t until I had put the parcel in my car, drove back to work that I realised the nice smell was following me. Some kind of scented powder has burst inside my parcel and was now creating a little scented trail wherever I went!

Thanks to a magazine poking out of the parcel I knew the sender was Jolie ( a beauty box subscription company) , but did not investigate further as scented powder was just waiting to puff out at me and there was also broken mirror glass.

Jolie Box asked for pictures which I have sent and I am now hoping they will agree to sending me my replacement

Ah – why does it always happen to me!


Emma Hardie Hydrating Lighter Lotion


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Just wanted to share with you a review of the Emma Hardie Hydrating Lighter Lotion. A really nice day cream that again is full of “nice” skin friendly ingredients.

What they say :

Benefits of Emma Hardie Amazing Face Hydrating Lighter Lotion:
– Helps to hydrate, restore and balance the skin.
– Helps to protect the skin against environmental aggressions.
– Perfect base for makeup.

Key ingredients and what they do:
– Healing properties of Melissa extract, restore, stabilise, nurture and protect the skin.
– A powerful blend of Selenium, manganese, zinc and herbal extracts, act as a natural defence system and helps to protect the skin against environmental aggressions, creating a natural anti-ageing defence system.
– The stimulating extracts from the Maca root help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve skin radiance and luminosity.
– Inca Inchi oil from Peru is extremely rich is in Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, ideal for sensitive, damaged, dry skin and has skin regenerative properties.
– Rose Geranium, Peppermint and Pettigrain essential oils revitalise the skin whilst the delicate, natural aroma of Lavender oil relaxes and calms.

What I think :

This really is light! It’s a thin runny liquid but don’t be deceived into thinking this means you need a lot of this product – about a pump will cover your face as it smooth’s in very easily. It does create a lovely base for makeup as it soaks in really quickly but still leaves the skin hydrated and not at all oily or greasy.  (you also get a slight radiance J )

This may be light but it isn’t an oil free skin matifier – it contains lovely oils and extracts to moisturise and protect your skin. This means it should still work well on dryer skins and especially skins that are feeling a little sensitive or have been under a lot of stress ( from weather, stress, other products etc.)

For the reasons above a really nice day cream to give hydration and a little glow to the skin but I also reach for this at night sometimes when I don’t fancier a thicker/heavier product ( and it isn’t a liquid gold night) – cooling so nice to use at night in the summer – still get the hydration and skin benefits but no heavy layer.

Definitely worth a purchase this one



Review – Omorovicza Cleansing balm


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Review – Omorovicza Cleansing balm

I have completed a few posts on Omorovica products as I do love this brand – all centred on the mineral rich waters from Budapest’s Thermal Spa’s. (The thermal spa’s have proven histoical benefits)

Omorvica never use things like, Parabens, Silicones Sodium sulfates, syntheics etc so are nice skin friendly products.

This cleansing balm is another product from Omorovica that my skin loves.

What they say :

Our award-winning black balm gently but effectively cleanses skin without stripping, to leave it radiant, soft and silky-smooth.

  • Hungarian Moor mud, rich in calcium and magnesium carbonates, swiftly removes impurities and make-up.
  • Sweet almond oil replenishes skin to leave it soft and silky..
  • The scent of orange blossomoil lifts your spirits and senses
  • Mineral Cosmetology, a patented mineral delivery system, leaves skin firmer, more supple and younger-looking.

What I think :
This grey/black product is a little pot packed full of skin friendly ingredients – the sweet almond oil to cleanse but not strip the skin, rich in magnesium moor mud to remove impurities and help decongest pores and Acerole which is very high in vitamin C content.

My skin does glow with regular use of this product and thanks to the lovely ingredients is left very calm and never tight or dried out. Very soft, smooth and clean. This does remove makeup including waterproof eye makeup (if using to remove mascara gently massage into the lash, rest a warm wet cloth over and then wipe away).

But I tend to use this in the mornings this way you use less product (as not removing makeup) as it is pricey!  (£46.00) I think use on make up free skin to get the full benefits from the products ingredients not benefitting from removing makeup!

You only need a little product as it liquefies with use and massage into the skin and remove with a warm wet muslin cloth or flannel.

If your skin is in need of a little bit of care and attention from lack of sleep, oiliness/spots/redness/dull/ etc. I would like to think this could really help give a little boost. I save mine and use it consecutively when I feel I need a little lift (I would use this more but a I want it to last longer!)

Personally I don’t think it smells like orange blossom – more oily and it smells how it looks if that makes sense – not horrible just not scented.

I really got on with this and feel it was worth  the splurge – It you have the funds to spend on a cleanser I would add this to your shopping list.

Has anyone else used this ? Any other views on it?

(As a foot note – my regular night cleanser is still Emma Hardie Amazing Face and in the mornings this or Alpha H balancing cleanser)




Blog Awards


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I would like to say a massive thank you to Nooney’s Nails who have nominated for a massive three blog awards – thank you very much indeed. ( and sorry it took me a while to post about it!)

I have been nominated for

Inspiring Blog Award

Liebster Blog Award

Beautiful Blogger Award

When nominating me I have to answer 11 questions

So here are my answers :

Why did I start my blog ? I started writing my blog as I was inspired by other blogs that I love to read regularly. I don’t work in the world of beauty but have a genuine passion and love for it so decided this would be a good way to express myself.

Is there any other subject you would start a blog about? Erm I can’t think of anything at the moment but never say never!

Do you have any pets? Some od you will already know the answer to this one 🙂 – I have a beautiful miniature Yorkshire Terrier who is now nearly 18 years old! Also my husband as a bearded dragon lizard called Itchi!

What is your favourite nail polish brand ? – Erm so hard …. can I have a few ? Nails Inc, OPI, Zoya, Rimmel. I’m not that loyal to a nail brand – choosing by colour normally

Where was the last place you went on holiday? My last holiday was to the gorgeous Caribbean Island of Jamaica. This was my 3rd time in Jamaica and I can fully recommend the 5* Hotel called Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton. Everything you need and beautiful views.

What is your favourite food? Chinese takeaway !

What is your best beauty tip? Never ever sleep in your makeup, wear suncream, regular use of body lotions really makes a difference, take Omega 3 fish oils and use Alphs H Liquid Gold.

Favorite colour ? Erm to be honest I don’t have one – I love the colour of the Caribbean sea but it’s not a colour I would wear in fashion or beauty.(you have me reminiscing now about my holiday!). I am very neutral in makeup and clothes.

What do I wish for? Er selfishly a healthy happy life for me and my husband and new additions the future may bring. To win the lottery.  To have the money to open a rescue centre for abandoned dogs.

Flats or heels? Heels ( but I will never ever give up my flip-flops!)

How long have you been blogging for? 2 months

Well I hope that has given you a little insight into me – I will do part to of this post later with who I am going to nominate and the questions they need to answer.

Thank you again


Review – Becca Illuminate Wash


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Just wanted to share with you a highlighter that I have been enjoying using over the last few months – Becca’s Illuminating Wash Liquid Highlighter. The colour I have been using is moonlit.

I love the cosmetics brand Becca – their philosophy is all about giving all skin types and tones the products to achieve natural radiant flawless makeup. I managed to pick up this little beauty for £8 I think (along with a couple of other peices) from a secret sale website – RRP £20 (although not sure if they are discontinuing this colour as it isn’t on their own website anymore)

I like so many of their products and really love the looks that they use on their models. Every single model they have ever used always looks stunning and makes me turn a little green with envy 🙂

Anyways – the highlighter

What they say

Sheer water based complexion enhancer with light diffusing particles of shimmer that create instant luminescence and vitality while reducing imperfections.

What I think

This is a really subtle highlighter that creates a barely there light to the skin. You can also use this under the eye area if you have slight shadows under the eye (not strong enough to cover dark shadows)
Normally I use this as a highlighter to the brow bones and tops of cheeks – gives a natural dew or glow to the skin.
This doesn’t shimmer and shine and isn’t metallic like some other highlighters and is the one I reach for when I want to look healthy and glowy but not full on made up.

Definately a product that gets regular use from my collection

Below are some swatches of this colour – other colours are available and I may have a go with another one next time – does anyone else use illuminating wash?




A look at the brand Sundari



Focus on a brand – Sundari

I love finding new brands of beauty and skincare products that I have never used before and thanks to a special one-off Glossy beauty box I have found the brand Sundari. Currently I am loving their Essential Oil for Normal Combination skin. (it’s a beautiful oil)

I have a fair few products to test from cleansers to moisturisers and a hair oil and will be writing up reviews in due course but just thought I’d share this new brand with you all today.

Sundari means “a beautiful women” in Sanskirt and their philosophy “is to achieve balance and harmony in mind, body and spirit as you journey through life”. They have put together a range of anti aging face and body skincare products using the “purest ingredients and rarest essences”.

Wherever possible they use organic ingredients, use no synthetic fragrances or dyes, all their essential oils are of therapeutic grade (and so they should!) and they do not test on animals.

Their website includes loads of information on the products and how your body reacts to the way it is treated. All makes an interesting read in you have a spare 5 minutes.

They stock face, body and hair care along with candles and gift items. They have specific products to suit oily, normal and dry skin.

I for one am looking forward to trialling this range and will 100% be purchasing the oil for Normal to combination skin.

Has anyone else been using products from this range ?


Murad Bronzing Boost review


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I love a good bronzer and have had quite a few favorites over the summer months this year.

Most of my other bronzers are powders but this one is a liquid and I have found this much more useful than I was expecting. Sometimes you want to keep to a dewy fresh finish to the skin and this helps perfectly with that

What they say

Gives skin a gorgeous guilt-free glow that protects and promotes skin health. Oil-free cosmetic bronzer blends easily for buildable coverage. Balances skin hues and restores tone.

•Active Pigment Support and a premium cosmetic bronzer give skin a beautiful, even touch of color
•Melanin and antioxidants help boost skin’s resistance to UV damage
•Firming and conditioning agents smooth texture and restore tone

What I think

This product can be used to cover your whole face, mix with a foundation for an added boost or applied as a bronzing highlighter.

I personally wasn’t as keen on using this on the whole face – it doesn’t provide any skin perfecting/evening out benefits of foundations or even tinted moisturisers. Definitely better when combined with one of these or apply after to the whole face this works nicely, providing a very good subtle tanned glow..

However I love using this as a bronzer to highlight cheek bones, nose etc. It is a really thin liquid that spreads easily over the face and whereas the colour as it comes out of the tube is quite dark it actually goes onto the skin a lot lighter. Giving a subtle hint of warmth. It is also very easy to layer up giving a stronger, darker but still natural colour if that is what you desire but without giving you that cakey covered in makeup feeling.

The slightest hint of a shimmer that doesnt show up as “Look at me im sparkling” but more stops the product being flat and dull looking.

Goes on really smoothly, not at all sticky or oily and blends beautifully. Due to its buildable colour nature I think it will actually work really well the majority of skin tones.

It does say SPF 15 but I think you may have to use quite a think layer of this product to get a full SPF15.

A sun-kissed useful product with a big tick from me !


Swatched below :



Online shopping – please somebody stop me !!! Plus some great websites


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I have a love hate relationship with online shopping.

Now I can buy anything I want with the click of a button it is very hard to control my inner addict – tempation is everywhere. That lunch break I sat at my desk for, a click on the lovely looking product in that email, a rainy Sunday, a quiet night in on a Saturday……. You get they gist.

Not only can I satisfy me the addict by not even leaving my house I can have access to all kinds of products not easily available to me on any high street near where I live. Obviously this range of more exclusive items comes at a much higher price and was once confined to a pre planned trip to a large city to indulge for just a few hours, a day even.. but now all and more is in easy reach whilst still wearing my PJ’s!

The ability to purchase brands/products at a much cheaper price online is brilliant, the shopping comparison sites have saved me a fortune over the years but I go searching for one thing and inevitably find two or three new and exciting products that I have never heard of all waiting to be “Added to basket”.

The online shopping world and marketing emails sell me a huge range of products that I manage to convince myself I need but then the next day something new and exciting again and again….and again…. And again….

I know it’s my own fault. I know I need to exercise more self contol but all these pretty promising products call to me and I am too weak to resist.

Just to say I am not stuggling with this and am lucky to be in a position to have such frivilous spending habits when so many are not in a position too and for that I am grateful – but I have decided to set a limit and stick to it – I need to find the same pleasure in watching my savings account grow (Well actually I am having a new bathroom fitted if I ever get my act together – more storage for the growing product collection 😉 )

Anyways I thought I’d share with you my curent favorite websites for beauty products to browse away to my heart contents ( I wish it was only browsing!)

Enjoy ……


Boasts that it is “The Insiders Guide to the worlds best beauty buys”

Having very tempting emails and stock a gorgeous range of brands from Omorivica to Becca, Institut Esthederm to Sachajuan, Peter Roth to Ren and the list goes on and on

World Wide shipping


All the luxury brands you could want , REN, Eve Lom, Aesop, Alpha H, Murad and again so on and so on

World Wide shipping

www.feelunique.com and www.lookfantastic.com

Between these two you will find every brand on skincare and makeup you could want and normally at the most competietive prices

World wide shipping


Silimar to Cult beauty but centered more on makeup

World wide shipping


ASOS once known only for fashion are now stocking so many well known skin and makeup ranges. Normally good prices especially if you get them during a sale period.

If your in the UK its free shipping – they do ship worldwide

Hope that lot will keep you entertained over the bank holiday weekend 🙂

Please let me know if you have any good websites that you think I should now about