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A nice little budget buy to talk about today (and if you have read any of my blog before you would know I rarely do budget buys!)

But i think this one is worth sharing…..

Tresemme Keratin Smooth shampoo and conditioner. Not sure why I decided to try this but I saw this sitting in Boots (on a 3 for 2 offer)
And I think the keratin word attracted me. I get a keratin treatment twice a year and love it.

I can’t say I had high expectations but I was impressed – my hair was left smoother and less dry looking after use. It dried soft and easy to style. Not as fizzy and damaged looking. I actually had more than one comment from people (such as my boss!) using words such as “bouncy” and “shiny” – not bad I thought. I don’t think any shampoo and conditioner combo has ever warranted such comments before 🙂

Smug – I was indeed


It worked really really well for the first 10 ish uses but I’m not sure if my hair got use to it (can hair get too use to a shampoo!?) but after this it isn’t seem to work quite as well and I felt my hair was getting quite dry again.

So now I use this as mix and match option with other shampoos/conditioners that I have and will continue to use and finish the bottles.

At first I thought I had find my perfect shampoo/conditioner but it didn’t end that way. I will use it up and maybe repurchase periodically.

The hunt goes on……….

If you want to give it a go Superdrug have them 1/2 price – £2.50 for a huge bottle.
I have also tried the heat defence – nothing to shout home about but certainly not a bad product. I have just bought the mask so will report back once tried and tested 🙂

Anyone else use this?