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I thought I’d have to share with you a review of this little mask :

“The Glam Glow tingling and exfoliating mud mask for super sexy super radiant skin”

What they promise
Designed as a 10 minute anti ageing facial in a jar for behind the scenes use in Hollywood’s entertainment, music, fashion and award industries, for immediate camera ready glowing skin.

Delivers noticeable 3 day glow from skin collagen synthesis, helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles, leaves skin brighter, smooth and soft, multilevel resurfacing exfoliation evens out skin tone, helps tighten skin and minimise pores, absorbs impurities without removing natural oils, helps protect against free radical damage. (wow what a list of promises)

Also vegan and free from parabens

What I think

Wow does this little tub have a lot to live up too!

When I first got this the pot was smaller than I was expecting and really quite over packaged but I guess this does add somewhat to the glamour/luxury feel of the product. However this will last ages as you only need such a small amount each time and it is filled to the brim with product.

Goes on a clay deep grey green and dries to a very pale grey green – includes flecks of leaf from the green tea extract! This is not a mask to open the door wearing!

It is a little grainy (a little like a scrub but not) so apply carefully no rubbing/massaging it into your skin – think smooth it on.

The Green tea Smells refreshing and lighter than a normal clay based mask.

A slight tingle when it goes on (please note it is much easier to get this out of the pot with a small spatula like instrument – not included!) Add this does dry and sort of immobilising your face! (Doesn’t dry the skin at all though)

Water loosens the mask a little and then gently remove with either a muslin or facial sponge.

So the results – My skin is definitely brighter and softer and this does give a glow to the skin. It also does tighten (a tiny bit) and evens the texture and helps my troublesome forehead area look less oily with making it dry. Wow it really does do a lot! –  I’m not sure the benefits do last the full 3 days though.

This is “the” mask I go to when I have over done it and my skin is dull and tired looking and needs to be boosted back to health or when I have a special event/night out to go to and want some added oomph to my complexion.

Just be carefull if you have really sensitized skin as although there is no nasty ingredients in here it is a little exfoliating.

It really is a lovely mask – a mini miracle in the jar

The price – I did mention above the words Luxury and Glamourous didnt I ? Well your paying for it… Around the £50 mark but shop around as I have seen it as low as £40 online ( I got mine in the beauty bay sale for just £36). It’s well worth it though for the results and you should be able to get alot of aplications from this jar.

Anyone else use this?