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It was the friday before bank holiday when a mysterious email arrived at the generic email address for the company where I work, for my attention.

A very nice company based about a mile away from where I work had found a parcel addressed to me lying in the road by their delivery bay and had kindly contacted me to inform me of the location of my parcel. They had left the parcel on reception for me to collect, warning though that they thought the parcel had been run over.

I wasnt overly keen in going to collect my road kill parcel but I wanted to know where it was from so it could be replaced.

I collected the parcel and as I was leaving the building I could smell a lovely scented smell – and actually thought to myself how nice their building smelt. It wasn’t until I had put the parcel in my car, drove back to work that I realised the nice smell was following me. Some kind of scented powder has burst inside my parcel and was now creating a little scented trail wherever I went!

Thanks to a magazine poking out of the parcel I knew the sender was Jolie ( a beauty box subscription company) , but did not investigate further as scented powder was just waiting to puff out at me and there was also broken mirror glass.

Jolie Box asked for pictures which I have sent and I am now hoping they will agree to sending me my replacement

Ah – why does it always happen to me!