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Just wanted to share with you a review of the Emma Hardie Hydrating Lighter Lotion. A really nice day cream that again is full of “nice” skin friendly ingredients.

What they say :

Benefits of Emma Hardie Amazing Face Hydrating Lighter Lotion:
– Helps to hydrate, restore and balance the skin.
– Helps to protect the skin against environmental aggressions.
– Perfect base for makeup.

Key ingredients and what they do:
– Healing properties of Melissa extract, restore, stabilise, nurture and protect the skin.
– A powerful blend of Selenium, manganese, zinc and herbal extracts, act as a natural defence system and helps to protect the skin against environmental aggressions, creating a natural anti-ageing defence system.
– The stimulating extracts from the Maca root help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve skin radiance and luminosity.
– Inca Inchi oil from Peru is extremely rich is in Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, ideal for sensitive, damaged, dry skin and has skin regenerative properties.
– Rose Geranium, Peppermint and Pettigrain essential oils revitalise the skin whilst the delicate, natural aroma of Lavender oil relaxes and calms.

What I think :

This really is light! It’s a thin runny liquid but don’t be deceived into thinking this means you need a lot of this product – about a pump will cover your face as it smooth’s in very easily. It does create a lovely base for makeup as it soaks in really quickly but still leaves the skin hydrated and not at all oily or greasy.  (you also get a slight radiance J )

This may be light but it isn’t an oil free skin matifier – it contains lovely oils and extracts to moisturise and protect your skin. This means it should still work well on dryer skins and especially skins that are feeling a little sensitive or have been under a lot of stress ( from weather, stress, other products etc.)

For the reasons above a really nice day cream to give hydration and a little glow to the skin but I also reach for this at night sometimes when I don’t fancier a thicker/heavier product ( and it isn’t a liquid gold night) – cooling so nice to use at night in the summer – still get the hydration and skin benefits but no heavy layer.

Definitely worth a purchase this one