Focus on a brand – Sundari

I love finding new brands of beauty and skincare products that I have never used before and thanks to a special one-off Glossy beauty box I have found the brand Sundari. Currently I am loving their Essential Oil for Normal Combination skin. (it’s a beautiful oil)

I have a fair few products to test from cleansers to moisturisers and a hair oil and will be writing up reviews in due course but just thought I’d share this new brand with you all today.

Sundari means “a beautiful women” in Sanskirt and their philosophy “is to achieve balance and harmony in mind, body and spirit as you journey through life”. They have put together a range of anti aging face and body skincare products using the “purest ingredients and rarest essences”.

Wherever possible they use organic ingredients, use no synthetic fragrances or dyes, all their essential oils are of therapeutic grade (and so they should!) and they do not test on animals.

Their website includes loads of information on the products and how your body reacts to the way it is treated. All makes an interesting read in you have a spare 5 minutes.

They stock face, body and hair care along with candles and gift items. They have specific products to suit oily, normal and dry skin.

I for one am looking forward to trialling this range and will 100% be purchasing the oil for Normal to combination skin.

Has anyone else been using products from this range ?