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I love a good bronzer and have had quite a few favorites over the summer months this year.

Most of my other bronzers are powders but this one is a liquid and I have found this much more useful than I was expecting. Sometimes you want to keep to a dewy fresh finish to the skin and this helps perfectly with that

What they say

Gives skin a gorgeous guilt-free glow that protects and promotes skin health. Oil-free cosmetic bronzer blends easily for buildable coverage. Balances skin hues and restores tone.

•Active Pigment Support and a premium cosmetic bronzer give skin a beautiful, even touch of color
•Melanin and antioxidants help boost skin’s resistance to UV damage
•Firming and conditioning agents smooth texture and restore tone

What I think

This product can be used to cover your whole face, mix with a foundation for an added boost or applied as a bronzing highlighter.

I personally wasn’t as keen on using this on the whole face – it doesn’t provide any skin perfecting/evening out benefits of foundations or even tinted moisturisers. Definitely better when combined with one of these or apply after to the whole face this works nicely, providing a very good subtle tanned glow..

However I love using this as a bronzer to highlight cheek bones, nose etc. It is a really thin liquid that spreads easily over the face and whereas the colour as it comes out of the tube is quite dark it actually goes onto the skin a lot lighter. Giving a subtle hint of warmth. It is also very easy to layer up giving a stronger, darker but still natural colour if that is what you desire but without giving you that cakey covered in makeup feeling.

The slightest hint of a shimmer that doesnt show up as “Look at me im sparkling” but more stops the product being flat and dull looking.

Goes on really smoothly, not at all sticky or oily and blends beautifully. Due to its buildable colour nature I think it will actually work really well the majority of skin tones.

It does say SPF 15 but I think you may have to use quite a think layer of this product to get a full SPF15.

A sun-kissed useful product with a big tick from me !


Swatched below :