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I have a love hate relationship with online shopping.

Now I can buy anything I want with the click of a button it is very hard to control my inner addict – tempation is everywhere. That lunch break I sat at my desk for, a click on the lovely looking product in that email, a rainy Sunday, a quiet night in on a Saturday……. You get they gist.

Not only can I satisfy me the addict by not even leaving my house I can have access to all kinds of products not easily available to me on any high street near where I live. Obviously this range of more exclusive items comes at a much higher price and was once confined to a pre planned trip to a large city to indulge for just a few hours, a day even.. but now all and more is in easy reach whilst still wearing my PJ’s!

The ability to purchase brands/products at a much cheaper price online is brilliant, the shopping comparison sites have saved me a fortune over the years but I go searching for one thing and inevitably find two or three new and exciting products that I have never heard of all waiting to be “Added to basket”.

The online shopping world and marketing emails sell me a huge range of products that I manage to convince myself I need but then the next day something new and exciting again and again….and again…. And again….

I know it’s my own fault. I know I need to exercise more self contol but all these pretty promising products call to me and I am too weak to resist.

Just to say I am not stuggling with this and am lucky to be in a position to have such frivilous spending habits when so many are not in a position too and for that I am grateful – but I have decided to set a limit and stick to it – I need to find the same pleasure in watching my savings account grow (Well actually I am having a new bathroom fitted if I ever get my act together – more storage for the growing product collection 😉 )

Anyways I thought I’d share with you my curent favorite websites for beauty products to browse away to my heart contents ( I wish it was only browsing!)

Enjoy ……


Boasts that it is “The Insiders Guide to the worlds best beauty buys”

Having very tempting emails and stock a gorgeous range of brands from Omorivica to Becca, Institut Esthederm to Sachajuan, Peter Roth to Ren and the list goes on and on

World Wide shipping


All the luxury brands you could want , REN, Eve Lom, Aesop, Alpha H, Murad and again so on and so on

World Wide shipping

www.feelunique.com and www.lookfantastic.com

Between these two you will find every brand on skincare and makeup you could want and normally at the most competietive prices

World wide shipping


Silimar to Cult beauty but centered more on makeup

World wide shipping


ASOS once known only for fashion are now stocking so many well known skin and makeup ranges. Normally good prices especially if you get them during a sale period.

If your in the UK its free shipping – they do ship worldwide

Hope that lot will keep you entertained over the bank holiday weekend 🙂

Please let me know if you have any good websites that you think I should now about