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Graze Boxes – The review

Just wanted to let you know about another subscription that I have to the Graze boxes – currently only available in the UK – sorry :(. They are a company that provide snack boxes delivered straight to your home or workplace.

What they say :

We offer delicious, healthy, natural food; delicious nuts, seeds & dried fruits, tasty crackers, dips & olives, freshly baked bread, as well as some well deserved flapjacks, cakes  and natural treats.

What I think :

These lovely little boxes can be delivered once per week for £3.89 (inc P&P) and they are filled with lovely healthy little snacks. You get a mixture of 4 tubs from a range of over 100 tubs available on their website.

The website automatically gives you the options to try all 100 tubs but if for instance like me you don’t like olives you can select never to be sent olives. You can also choose your favorites to be sent more often.

Each tub has a health benefit such as 1 of your five a day or good source of fibre or under 110 calories and so on. You can also choose only to receive the healthiest of their tubs (no flapjacks tubs!).

You  can cancel at any time and if you are on holiday or still have items left you can choose to push back the delivery by a week or 2.

Really nice little idea as I always need a nibble at work and these stop you from picking at the sweeties! Only downside is you get 4 tubs – I think you need 5, one for each day of the week 🙂

If you want to read more information then please visit the Graze website and if you are tempted I have the code GY812KV which means you get a free box delivered to your door. (I will also get £1 off my next box)

Picture below of some of the tubs available –

Has anyone else tried these?