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A little review of the Etat Pur Express purifying mask. I have a love of a good face mask and own loads of them and this is a nice useful addition to my collection.

Etat Pur – The brand

Incase you haven’t heard of them Etat Pur are a very reasonably priced skincare range developed by the man behind the Bioderma and Institut Estherdem brands.

Express purifying mask – What they say

Rich and generous, this white clay (kaolin) mask leaves the skin clean, smooth and velvety. The complexion is fresh, radiant and clarified. Formula dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.

In 5 minutes, this white clay Express purifying mask:

  • purifies the skin in depth by absorbing toxins and impurities
  • unblocks the pores
  • respects the skin’s natural balance
  • guarantees excellent cutaneous tolerance (seemingly cutaneous means affecting / relating to the skin…?)

What I think

I have been testing this the last month or so, twice per week since receiving it in my Jolie Box. I like this mask as will anyone with oily / combination skin.

It goes on white and unlike some clay masks it doesn’t dry solid on your face! You only need to leave this on for 5 mins ( I guess hence the name “express”), which makes it a nice addition to use in the morning.

I say use in the morning as I found this does its job of controlling sebum excess really well leaving a nice base for makeup. Removing/preventing the oily tendencies I get on my t zone – especially if it has been a muggy hot night.

I remove the mask with a skincare sponge (from my Liz Earle mask set) and it reveals soft and really clean skin with absolutely no drying or tightening to the skin.

It’s fine to use this twice a week and I feel the benefits increase with continued use. Although I don’t feel it does the same “deep cleaning and purfiying” as some of my other masks – thinking Liz Earle deep cleansing mask and GlamGlow but I like its quick fix effects.

Definitely earned its place in my bathroom cabinet! Especially at just £7.50.. 🙂

Anyone else tried this or something else from the Etat Pur range?