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I am married to a hairdresser – he is fabulous at his job, incredibly busy and has his own salon. I am very proud of him for all of this.

But is being a hairdresser wife as good as it sounds….

What was the first thing you thought when I said “hairdresser husband” ….. you never need worry about styling your hair again? You never have to pay for a hair cut? Free hair colouring?

Well to answer these – in the 10 years I have known my husband he has never once styled my hair for me – he says working 8 hours a day 5-6 days a week is enough for him without having to deal with my unruly troublesome hair at home when he wants to relax. (fair enough I suppose)

Haircutting – yes I get this for free – which is great and saves me alot of money. Problem is I am one of a very small minority that actually hates getting my haircut. So haircuts, while always end up with a perfect job tend to be slightly drama fueled. Me being grumpy and him thinking at the end of a long day that I am ungrateful as he spends 1/2 hour at 8pm cutting my hair. (to be fair he may have a point………)

Hair colouring – This is free and my colours can cost well over £100 for the work involved so having this for free is amazing. However again this is done at the end of the day -Think.. I can’t justify pushing out a paying client for my freebie, and how long do foils take to apply? then leave to work? and then wash out? — ages! So this is how my highlights happen – me goes to shop, we argue over colour (me always wanting to go lighter -him refusing as my dry hair can’t take it- he wins – I sulk a little(alot) – he applies the foils – he makes me leave the shop with my head covered in little foil parcels sticking out 2 foot (so embarrassing) – we to car – we go home – leave colour the correct time to work (whilst starting dinner) – he checks hair – he instructs that it is time to wash it out – he disappears – I remove foils and rinse hair – he checks – I shower and dry my hair – we eat dinner. Not really the same salon experience!

Then try bumping into his clients when you’re having a bad hair day – I can see them thinking judging – why doesn’t she have perfectly flowing locks! (ok maybe I am just paranoid!)

On a positive note – Running through my family is the inherited problem of going grey really young ( I had grey hairs years ago) – so my long term prospects of disguising the issue without breaking the bank are pretty rosy so I mustn’t moan. I will try to work on being a less stroppy client.

At the end of the day though he is my husband and not my hairdresser and that couldn’t make me any happier 🙂