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Today I am going to tell you about a product that I have been using on and off for the last four years. I completely love this product and is a staple that I can reach for at any time of the year that I know works wonders on looking after the skin. A product that I always repurchase and that my bathroom is never without – the gorgeous luxury glass jar lasting 9 – 12 months means this product comes in at a great price per usage. £38 for 50ml.

So what is this lovely product – AD Skin synergy nourishing facial oil. I love a facial oil especially for use at night (on my non liquid gold nights!), and this is one of the best I have found.

The brand AD Skin Synergy is an organic brand, paraben free using some lovely ingredients such as rosehip seed oil. The nourishing facial oil is 100% natural, uses the rosehip oil and provides nourishing anti ageing goodness to your skin. Promising 60% hydration to your skin just 30 minutes after use.  (also a winner in the natural beauty bible awards).

You just use 2-3 drops of the oil, at night on cleansed skin (easy to use as has a pump top), and massage into face and neck. I have at points in the past used this everyday, hot weather, cold weather, in tropical climates and it has never once left any oiliness on my skin, caused any spots or upset my normal/combination skin in anyway. Without fail it leaves my skin soft, plump and glowing. Also the slight lavender smell is very relaxing to use before bed.

You really should check out AD Skin Syngery’s website (click here) and read some of the reviews. I also like their eyecream and am very keen to try out the cleansing balm.

Hope I have introduced you to a new product that you might not have come across and that your skin will like as much as mine does!

For those interested the key ingredients are : The potent natural and organic ingredients are sourced from the finest growers around the world.  These include organic rosehip seed, organic evening primrose, organic jojoba, organic rose, organic lavender, organic roman chamomile, organic palma rosa, organic ylang ylang, organic neroli, frankincense, jasmine and vitamin E.