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As some of you will know I like trying products from “smaller” less well known brands as the ingredients and thought that goes into their products is just as amazing but they dont have the marketing budgets of the major cosmetics brands. It’s also really satisfying to find a great product from a niche company that others may not yet have heard of.

Anyways today I want to talk about Noble Isle – Those of you who recieve the glossy boxes may well have heard of them as they sampled in there a couple of months ago. They have created a range of gorgeous smelling luxury bath / body / hair products and candles. (well the Summer Rising shower gel (inspired by a cornish hedgerow) is gorgeous smelling – I am yet lucky enough to sample to the others !)

The frangrance range of Summer Rising, Fireside,Lighting Oak and Willow Song are all inspired by parts of the UK.

They have lovely luxury feeling packaging and if you are looking for a gift idea or some nice products to fill your bathroom definately take a look at this range – it really will be worth it.

I am completely addicted to the unisex smell of Summer Rising – if I dont use it I actually have been known to open and have a little wiff to cheer up the senses! Like I said I feel it really is a very unisex smelling product (think Aqua Di Parma Fragrance), I love using it on myself and also the smell that lingers around hubbie when he uses it 🙂

I am rubbish at describing scents so these words are taken from Noble Isle’s website about Summer Rising:

“As fresh to the senses as cut grass or a flute of crisp bubbly, elderflower and gooseberry are a squeaky clean pair of British hedgerow companions – and together they herald the beginning of summer. At the merest hint of sunshine, the elder erupts into a froth of scented blossom and gooseberry branches begin to bend and brace under the weight of their plump, tart fruit.

These two quintessentially British crops are harvested for just a few fleeting weeks, when they are eagerly married together in exquisite cordials, fools, wines and jellies, with the delicate Muscat aroma of the elderflower acting as the perfect counterpart to the explosive, mouth-puckering juice of the gooseberry. The opportunity is short and seductive – with the coming of high summer; the ‘British grape’ and the elder’s lemony scent are gone.

Known as the ‘people’s medicine chest’, the elderflower has been employed for centuries in Britain to create infusions and tinctures for common ailments, and as a cooling natural skin toner. Gooseberries – faeberries in old English – meanwhile are charged with vitamin C and antioxidants.”

Now wasn’t that an amazing description ! 😉

If you want to discover more about this brand and the other frangrances they offer – please have a look at their website by clicking here. If I have convinced any of you to try the brand out please let me know how you get on with the other scents!