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Ooh I have a delight of a product for you today 🙂

A couple of weeks ago I had my little shopping spree in the Rituals Store (see here if you want to read more about that!)

Today I want to review the lovely Himalayan Wisdom detox salt scrub. Comes in a very generous 265 gram pink tub. Easy to open even when you are wet ! (I had a disaster a few months back with another scrub that I managed to open and then drop into the bath – over half a tub wasted on scrubbing my bath tub and not me ! – It was a nightmare to rinse it away…think slippery baths for about a week! )

The Himalayan scrub is from the Ayurveda range, what they say :

  • The Himalayan Wisdom detox salt scrub, scented with Holy Basil and Organic fresh mint. (what on earth makes a Basil leaf Holy? and why does it need to be? – answers on a postcard please!). “Revitalise your skin through deep cleansing with this ultra-softening and cooling body scrub” The basil is used for its calming properties and the mint to revitalise the body. £14.50 ( I think a very reasonable price point )

I think this is a lovely fresh invigorating smelling scrub that really does wake up your senses. First the mint smell hits you when you open it (do not use if you do not like the smell of mint!!!) and then after use you get a really subtle gentler warmer smell of the basil – you will have to trust me on this, Basil smelling sounds gross for a beauty product but it so isn’t !!!!

The first time I used this I was like “ooh that’s a different smell” the second time and onwards it was “ooh I am loving this, scrubbidy dubity – mmmmm”

Unlike a lot of other scrubs this is designed to be used on damp or wet skin (not dry). The first time I used this I used it in the  bath – the bath was run using the delightful smelling Rituals Energy Bubbles cream bath (more about that another time), and I will say once I opened the scrub it completely overpowered the lovely bubble bath smell. I have decided that this is very much a shower treat where you can enjoy its fragrance (without it bullying other nice smelling products)  and I actually like using it in the morning as it wakes me up and a subtle lovely smell does linger around your skin for a while afterwards. Also lovely for a refreshing pick me up after work when the weather has been hot and sticky (not that that happens a lot in the UK!)

And wow my skin really likes it – it starts off with the little scrubby particles buffing away dead skin cells and then it turns more to an oily balm that really softens and smooths the skin. Afterwards my skin is so polished, soft and smooth, so nourished that I don’t even need to use moisturiser afterwards!

So if you fancy a treat or are looking for a gift for someone I would really recommend considering this scrub!

Can buy here or at any Rituals Store ( I used the store in St Pancreas Interantional Train Station)