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Today I thought I’d share with you the current nail varnish I’m wearing. Again I’m sorry that you have had to suffer yet another photo of my foot ! I really must trial the next one on my fingers !

Anyways the polish came in my Julie Jolie box and is from Nail Girls – I had never heard of Nail Girls before (have you ?). After a little internet research I think it seems a really nice brand, started by two sisters to offer walk in nail spas that are a little bit of luxury at an affordable price.

In London – ah that’s why I haven’t heard of them….

They also created their own range of nail polishes that are free from toluene, formaldehyde, DBP and camphor (basically much friendlier/gentler to your nails), no animal testing and recyclable packaging.

All sounds very nice doesn’t it ?

I received a sample of the gold and bronze polish (think Olympic theme) and to be honest I would never have picked these colours myself. However I decided to have a go with gold.

Great little polish – went on really easily, lovely texture. I used two coats and that was all I needed. The colour was much nicer that I was expecting – sort of an icy gold with a metallic thread which shines in the light. I actually had a couple of people comment on the colour 🙂

Quite a classy sophisticated shade that I think went better with things like my black maxi dress.  I think it needs sandals in blacks/whites/greys etc. as I don’t think it fits with “brights” or “neons” so well – seems to get lost.

Overall a lovely polish that I will wear again. However I am more pleased to have discovered this brand, I like smaller more “local” businesses and I really like the nail friendly varnishes. Think I will be ordering a couple of colours of my choice from their website in the future. Next time I’m in London I would be tempted to hunt out a salon…

So why not give a British brand some support next time you fancy a treat – available online from http://shop.nailgirlslondon.co.uk in loads of colours  from £10.50.