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I need sympathy people!

Can you believe my bad luck not only did a bug very unkindly decide to bite me it chose to bite me on my face ūüė¶ I am not impressed and now have a large red itchy growth at the side of my left eyebrow down to my cheek!

I have always been rather lucky when on holiday and when my husband gets eaten alive¬†I normally never get bitten more than once or twice …. to which I put down to my love of Marmite (Vitamin B). Anyways¬†when on holiday and treating my husbands bites¬†I have thought idly to myself on more than one occasion “isnt if funny (and good) how you never get bitten on your face…… Famous last thoughts.

Anyways sadly I do not have any miracle cures for getting rid of bites quickly (does anyone else? Please share if you do!) .

I have always used Liz Earle Spot On on bites as it is antiseptic and also takes the itch away immediately. However I am nearly at the end of my bottle and this product is currently discontinued as LE is unable to source one of the ingredients ! Noooooo!

What do you guys use on bites? Please share as like I said, putting my face to one side hubby really does get bitten a lot so I need to find something else!

Right I am off to change my bedding, hoover the husband and light the anti bug candles!