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Thought I’d share with you the ice lollies that I made yesterday – Pimms ice lollies !! Not for children!

Lovely to enjoy on a summer’s afternoon (or evening in my case when I finally finish work!)

Really easy to make, you need:

150ml Pimms, 300ml lemonade, strawberries 20ish , mint leaves and ice lollie cases (below makes 8)

Let the lemonade to go a little flat – otherwise the bubbles will push the strawberries out when it freezes

Mix up 150ml of Pimms with at least 300ml of lemonade

Slice each strawberry in half lengthways or if you have big strawberries cut into 3 or 4 slices

Line the ice lolly cases with the strawberry slices

Pour in the Pimms mix

Press in 1 or 2 mint leaves

Freeze overnight

Then enjoy ……..


(Picture & recipie from BBC goodfood )