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Today I thought I would talk about a bath / shower wash that I actually purchased for my husband. My husband has very oily skin that is very prone to little spots especially on his back. The product is ABC skincare body wash, ABC stands for Australian Body Care and the brand uses the benefits of tea tree oil in a variety of products. This body wash promised refreshed and cleansed skin, antiseptic qualities and to keep the PH balance. It is designed to help with skin breakouts.

The results – it works ! He uses this regularly and it doesn’t dry the skin and really helps to clear up and prevent breakouts. I would really suggest you /your husband/teenage boys have a go with this product if help is needed with body breakouts.

I have used this myself and actually what made me think of writing about it today was with temperatures promised to reach 30 degrees C in England I will be using this to wash away any stickiness and prevent the little blemishes I get from a combination of heat and suncream.

My only downside is the smell – not unpleasant in fact quite clean smelling but I’m not a lover of the smell of tea tree and it does smell quite strongly of tea tree! Like I said it’s quite clean and fresh but also quite antiseptic. I personally wouldn’t swop from my sweet-smelling bath treats but then I don’t need the benefits of this (and if I did need its spot preventing qualities I would forgo the pretty fragrances)

I did ask hubby for his thoughts on this – his insider view was “yeah its fine – it’s a shower cream” – hence why I wrote this review and not him! When probed deeper about its skin improving qualities it was “yeah its better”. High praise indeed

Definitely worth a look if you or someone you know suffers with body acne/spots – really could help.