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Today I am going to chat about an eye cream from Dr Perricone. Now I would never normally have bought this– not because of the brand which I like a lot but the eye cream (as with the Dr Perricone range) is focused heavily on anti-ageing and improving the more advanced signs of aging.

Now at 27 I want to hold off the signs of aging as long as possible but spending £78.00 on an eye cream that states ( and I quote )

“A fast absorbing intensive eye treatment that helps repair the advanced signs of aging that appear around the delicate eye area, making us look older than we are.

High Potency Eye Lift actually lifts skin for a visibly transformed appearance while minimising deep lines, wrinkles and bags under eyes with Dr. Perricone’s patented anti-ageing ingredients: DMAE and Phospholipids.

Also formulated with Pycnogenol to address loss of elasticity and help brighten skin’s appearance.”

Doesn’t seem necessary and I would rather spend £78 on a product that is more focused on what I need at the moment. However I ordered some omega 3 fish oils (I must do a post about these) and Dr Perricone very kindly gave me a 5ml free sample of the High Potency Eye Lift included with my order! How very nice of him! (5ml is worth £26.00 compared to the 15ml for £78)

Now I must admit I put this to one side and didn’t use it straight away but pulled it out of my skincare storage box (a lovely little box 🙂 )about 5 months ago and have been using it ever since once per day.

Now as I said above I am 27 and have good skin and as with most people my age very few lines and just the beginnings if you stare hard around the eyes – smile lines :). So I am not the products target market at all.

When I first started using this I didn’t really think it did much but then I stopped it for a couple of weeks ( sidetracked by something else!) and I could see the product worked as those first little signs of aging started to creep back to my eye area.

I started using this again and my eye area does not show any fine lines at all. No puffiness, soothing to use and it must have something in there that feeds the skin! I only use the smallest amount, lightly rub my ring fingers together and then gently apply around the eye socket, it soaks in really quickly and I just put my makeup on over it. 

I would be very tempted to repurchase this when it runs out ………. Or if not I will definitely revisit this little gem of a product in years to come.

Does anyone else use this ? Anyone else have any good eye creams they could recommend I try next?


Note DMAE is dimethyl-amino-ethanol – and started out for the treatment of inmproving mood and alterness as a vitiman supplement and recently started to be used in skin care products. I believe it is a liquid organic compound that’s naturally produced in the brain, found in sardines, anchovies, squid and salmon. Research to prove / disprove its benefits/risks are ongoing. All a little scienfic but if you would to do some more research hopefully that’s enough to get you started!