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Listen closely I will say this only once ……… Well I may say it once but it has been said many many times before by many beauty professionals, bloggers, skincare experts etc.. etc….

Liquid Gold is amazing! Buy it now!

As I said above I am well aware that this has been reviewed by loads of great people but I wanted to add my voice to theirs. I can remember before I bought this I looked at so many reviews convinced that I would find somewhere someone who had problems with the said “Acid” in this product. What did I learn? That there are different types of acid and obviously the Glycolic acid used in liquid gold will not create any of the horror scenarios that my brain was thinking up when faced with the word acid.

Obviously there are many more products that use many different types of “good” acids to help the skin and I will write up about some of the others that I use in coming months.

Anyways Liquid Gold is by the Australian company Alpha H and the hardworking Glycolic acid in there is to drop the skins PH overnight making the skin work hard to bring the PH back up. This is the equivalent of a gym workout for your skin whilst you are sleeping and makes it tighter and firmer in the morning. It also loosens the dead skin cells which can increase radiance and helps your skin produce more hyaluronic acid (traps moisture) and collagen. All exactly what we want from a product surely…..

So what do I do … I use this 3 times a week and would not recommend using it any more than this. Your skin my need a workout but not a full on onslaught! I cleanse and tone and then put a little of the liquid gold on a cotton wool pad and wipe over my face and neck and that’s it – absolutely no moisturiser afterwards. ( yes that will take a little getting used to but as soon as you see the results you will not miss the moisturiser!) Avoid lip and eye area. Also if I am using another mask or product that works in the same exfoliating way I substitute this for the liquid gold on one night and do not use it as well as.

Once you put it on it sort of makes the skin tingly as it dries, doesn’t hurt and isn’t uncomfortable just sort of a strange sensation. The next morning my skin is always firmer and brighter, I have been using this for about 5 months and I have had significantly less blemishes. I had good skin to start with and it has managed to improve the texture and overall  “look” of my skin more than I thought it could. (It also comes very well recommended for people with acne/troublesome skin)

Not the prettiest packaging but a brilliant product that is well worth the money.

Oh and make sure you remember to always wearing at least an SPF 15 everyday when using products such as this!

(Again QVC do stock this so you can try it at home and return it if it’s not for you, also they are doing free P&P on liquid gold throughout July)