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Review of a much loved product – Omorovicza Balancing Moisturiser

!Warning this is not cheap!

But so so worth it in my opinion.

What they say : Light and soothing, this balancing moisturiser absorbs instantly and regulates the production of sebum by the skin; ruby crystal adds radiance to the dullest of complexions.

Is this too good to be true – helps with oily skin whilst still making the skin radient? Nope this product is a little gem that does exactly what it says on it’s beautiful glass pump bottle.

I started using this around April as a lighter moisturiser when the weather started to get a little warmer and even though I have a drawer full of facial moisturising products I wish to trial (including some great brands like Alpha H, L’Occitane, Murad and Melvita) I can’t bring myself to stop using this.

This goes on like velvet and is immediately absorbed into the skin. From a balancing moisturiser you would normally expect a mattifying (is that a word?) effect but it isn’t, skin is dewy and fresh – a perfectly oil free base ready for makeup.

This manages to provide the perfect amount of moisture to last all day without feeling heavy or thick. My combination/normal/occasionally dry/occasionally oily skin practically sings when I use this it loves it so much. The longer I use it the better I think my skin looks.

For those of you with dry skin – maybe not so much for you (although you could try combining this with the Omorovicza rose renewal serum!). I use this in the mornings only as I feel it is definitely more of a daytime moisturiser.

I may decide to swop to a slightly heavy lotion come the harsh cold winter but we shall see…..

For those of you who are unaware of Omorovicza (pronouced o-more -o-vick-za), this is a hungarian brand who is using mineral cosmetology – what the hell is that I hear you ask – well –

“Mineral CosmetologyTM, the patented mineral delivery system developed by Omorovicza with the power of nature at its core. Mineral CosmetologyTM enables a potent blend of minerals to be absorbed by the epidermis and dermis in unprecedented levels. Day by day, skin feels firmer, more supple and is younger-looking.”

Please see thier website www.omorovicza.com for more information on the brand and it’s history – really worth a read if you are considering purchasing from them.

Just to say I do love this luxury brand and spend more that I can probably afford on skincare from them but everything I use I love (apart from the Body buffing balm which I just liked)- another love is the complexion enhancer, review coming to a screen near you soon!

Anyways I’ve rambled on enough (plus if I have to write the word moisteriser one more time I think I will Scream!)….. To end with if you can afford this buy it you wont regret it!

High tech buzz ingredients (if you are interested)

Pineapple and rosemary extracts – help to reduce pore size and clear dead skin cells enzymatically.

Apple pectin provides long-lasting hydration and restores suppleness.

Ruby crystal minimizes the appearance of fine lines and imperfections.