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I love these sunglasses from Dior but I have had to block the price from my mind! What is it about shopping at airports that make you blow the budget! Or is that just me….

I do have an unhealthy addiction to sunglasses (of the designer kind – and I now you are just paying for the advertising campaigns and the lettering printed on the side, but I hold my hands up I am a sucker!!) I actually caught this addiction from my husband who loves his sunglasses and owns many gorgeous pairs (that yes I do borrow). So I wanted to join in. (Bad excuse …but he cant argue if it’s his fault ;))

Sadly with the weather this summer I haven’t had the chance to enjoy them nearly as much as I wanted too.

I think they look expensive (and so they should!), I think black is normally quite a hard colour to wear in sunglasses (I normally stick with browns), but I think the shape and simple elegance of them works well. I love the slightly pointed corners and chunky frames. I also love a pair of big sunglasses to hide behind!

If anyone loves these as much as I do then they are Dior ladycat1 D28NR . Doesn’t the name LadyCat describe them so well – Love it!

But make your own mind up I have posted below two pictures of me wearing them – I’m not sure why but I look a little like a stuck up poser in the pictures but hey ho its hard to photograph yourself in sunglasses without looking like a poser! (and I promise I’m a normal nice smiley person!) What do you think? (of the sunglasses not me!) – actually the pictures are not below they are at the top as wordpress doesnt seem to let me split up pictures into two sections…..