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Next on my shopping list is to try something from the very reasonably priced Etat Pur range. I have been encouraged to finally make a purchase after umming and ahhing for a while with the help of a 30% discount code! You also get free delivery and 3 free samples with each order! All that and their prices start at under £10.00! (Woop woop – I can hear my bank balance cheers already!) 

I have only just recently starting hearing things about the Etat Pur range but everything I have been hearing has been positive enough to make me want to try for myself. Has anyone tried any of this range ? Any recommendations?

What made me interested alongside the good press was that the brand was the vision of a man called Jean-Noel Thorel who was also behind the Bioderma and Institut Estherderm brands. Etat Pur seem to have the same sort of research into the products but without the hefty price tag. 

Summary of my understanding from the Etat Pur website:

Etat Pur is a French skincare range that uses Actives (A) and Biomimetic skincare products (B) to offer a slightly personalised skin solution. 

*If you want to know what Biomimetic means (I did) here’s a definition: Biomimetic refers to human-made processes, substances, devices, or systems that imitate nature* 

The Biometric products are to take care of the skin by respecting its balance and the Actives are concentrated to target specific issues such as ageing, slimming, whitening, tanning etc. Its idea is to go back to basics to provide solutions specific to you. 

Its great how much information is available on their website and they list all the ingredients that make up each product so you really can be aware what you are buying – (so many companies hide this!) 

All seems very interesting and at these prices well worth a try don’t you think!? 

So if you want to share my discount code it is valid until 22.07.12 and you need to quote EBEAUTY when checking out. 

The website : http://www.etatpur.co.uk/ 

Let me know how you get on!