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So I had a little splurge yesterday at the Rituals shop in St Pancreas International Train Station  – oops naughty me.

Rituals is a range of luxury bath and body treatments, cosmetics and scented candles. (They also do tea!). They are all about making every day “normal” routines a little bit special by using great products that treat the senses. All products are based on Eastern traditions and aim to use natural, renewable and organic produce where possible. The scents of the products are amazing and really linger around the house and body once they have been used. (Seemingly they use “the world’s best perfumers to create our distinctive, exclusive and subtle fragrances”) No Animal testing at all.

So how did I come about to find myself in the store (spending after I have already blown my assigned budget for cosmetics this month)? Well normally my commute to work is about 7 minutes by car (I know I am lucky), but yesterday I had a work meeting in London. So it turned into a 20min drive, an hour on the train, 30mins on tubes, an intense 3 hour meeting, 30mins back on the tube, 25mins waiting at the station, 1 hour train journey and 20mins drive. I know some people can face that every day but I am not use to it ! So in my 25min wait I sneaked into Rituals for some peace. They very kindly made a cup of tea whilst I was browsing and couldn’t have been nicer staff but without stalking me around the shop (which I hate)

I ending up choosing from the Ayurveda range (for the very fickle reason the bottles were pink!). Why buy pink? I have no idea as it doesn’t even go in my bathroom but pink products always seem more of a treat don’t you think 😉

So from the Ayurveda range I purchased:

  • The moisturising Energy bubbles cream bubble bath, scented with Organic Ginseng and Indian Rose. A rich bath soak to leave skin feeling “feeling nourished and silky soft ” – £11.50
  • The Himalayan Wisdom detox salt scrub, scented with Holy Basil and Organic fresh mint. (what on earth makes a Basil leaf Holy? and why does it need to be? – answers on a postcard please!). “Revitalise your skin through deep cleansing with this ultra-softening and cooling body scrub” The basil is used for its calming properties and the mint to revitalise the body. £14.50
  • Shanti shower paste, scented with Indian Rose and Sweet Almond Oil. “A rich and ultra-soft shower paste to gently cleanse and instantly smooth your skin”. The Almond Oil is to balance the skins moisture levels and the Indian rose for the relaxing effect on mind and body. – £4.25 (1/2 price sale!)
  • Nail Varnish in rebel rose – chucked this in last minute to try as it was also down to half price at £4.45. I love the vibrant colour so thought I’d give it a go

I did treat myself to the bath soak when I got home and it was lovely – skin feels great and the smell was amazing, I could still catch wisps of it this morning. I will write full reviews over the next few weeks of all the products. All will be written after my nose recovers from the cold and can properly smell again. I want to test the products as they are meant to be used, a full experience not just the effect on the skin. To be honest I don’t know if I buy into the whole “overall effect on mind and body” thing but I’m more than happy to give it a go!

So does anyone else use any Ritual products – What bath and shower time treats do you all recommend?