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Little review for you today of an uber lovely body lotion – Gatineau Vital Feeling Body Lotion

Words from the box:

  • “Contains a rich cocktail of active ingredients, essential fatty acids and sweet almond oil leaving your skin smoother, softer and moisturised.”

Words from me:

When I bought this I didn’t actually realise that this was meant for dry skin (which I don’t suffer from – I am normally average in most things including my skin type!).

I would say this is definitely a cream to use at night time as it does take a while to sink into the skin. I actually only use this every other day as I don’t feel I need it more frequently than this.

But it is BRILLIANT – I love it 🙂 – The next day after using it my skin is silky soft and I have been using this every other day for about 1 month now and my skin is smooth and even looking. My skin feels hydrated and dare I say it even a little toned looking.

Even with the nourishing richness it has never once caused a blocked pore on my skin even on the décolletage area. In fact the little bumps I sometimes suffer from on the upper arms have gone.

Downside – The smell …… It’s not yucky but it is weird, Im not sure if it has something to do with the cranberry extract they use in this (although it does not smell fruity at all). You do get used to it after a few uses but I don’t think you could ever grow to like it. Also like I said it does take a while and I mean hours to properly soak into the skin (this may be because I do not have the dry skin this is aimed at though!)

For me the benefits and my smooth glowing skin will make me happily put up with the smell. And I look at this as a pampering night time treat to feed the skin! It will probably come into its own even more come winter!

Price – I bought the 400ml. Look Fantastic have this for £33 and QVC have it for £34.77+P&P. QVC do have a policy where they let you try a product for a whopping 30 days at home and then if you dont like it just return it ! Great for trying new things !!

You can get the 200ml for £26 from Look Fantastic or for £17.95 from Cosmetics now ( I have never bought from Cosmetics now)

Does anyone else use this or any other Gatineau products ?