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I dragged myself out of bed and was determined to attend the wedding I was invited to regardless of the germs that had been using me as a location for their own little party for the last three days.

I then looked in the mirror and very nearly changed my mind – think white face, red nose and puffy dark eyes (scary enough and I’m not even going to talk about the hair !) I had about 3 hours to turn my zombie self into a normal looking human being – the challenge ahead sent me back under the duvet for a good 10 minutes to build up the courage to start!

So I had had a delivery the day before from SpaceNK – my order of ByTerry Sheer Expert Perfecting Fluid Foundation. I will not lie – this was an indulgence purchase that I did feel a little guilty about, £44 worth of foundation was hard to swallow (I just hope my husband never reads this!)

So the brand was created by a lady called Terry De Gunzbery (now the name makes sense 😉 ) – Their principle is luxury (now the price makes sense!) and they aim for dewy and fresh look no matter how tired the skin underneath (rings true with me).

Little quotes from the box:

  • “It is new generation I.M.C technology”, (Intensive Mimetic Camouflage)
  • “Erase imperfections, combats shine, signs of aging and adapts automatically to all types of complexion’s”
  • “High performance zero imperfection properties”
  • “Smooth’s away lines and brightens the face for a visibly sublime glow

Well I will say it did exactly that, it seemed to light up my skin making it look smooth, even and glowy without any shimmer and without looking madeup. It was like “the” item in the strive to achieve no makeup makeup perfection. I changed from the walking dead to healthy and if do say so myself I may go as far as to say I looked a little radiant 🙂 It also lasted amazingly well – I can go shiny by the end of the day and I didn’t – come the evening I looked in the mirror and looked like I did when I left the house at lunch time. A-Maz-Ing !

Now i am lucky to have pretty good skin and normally wear tinted moisturisers as i don’t need a lot of cover and the same with this foundation – It’s a great light coverage that lasts! but it you need a little more then By Terry do do the same thing in Cover Expert ( instead of sheer expert). I haven’t tried this myself but thought I’d throw it out there – Has anyone tried it ?

So was it worth the price ….. I would say if you can afford it then yes absolutely go for it (i may save this for special occasions and emergency days so it goes further – but I live by if you like something use it and enjoy so I’m sure it will creep into everyday use especially after the summer when I stop my love affair with the tinted moisturiser) – If you are a soon to be bride or bridesmaid (or have any special event this summer) and doing your own makeup this may the one for you.

Colours: well this is a little hard – I was actually a number 9 – honey beige. I have never in my life been so far up a colour scale ! ~ I am quite fair but tan well. I think that the first colours are fair with pinker undertones then you go into yellowier undertones but still quite light. To help you I have found a great blog post were someone has swatched all the colours together so you can see


You can buy it here http://uk.spacenk.com/SHEER-EXPERT-35ML/MUK200008115,en_GB,pd.html?dwvar_MUK200008115_color=UK200008115&start=10&cgid=BRANDS&prefn1=brand&prefv1=BYTERRY

This product has started a crush and I would like to try more Terry products but will have save a little for the next splurge – Does anyone recommend any ByTerry products?

Finally an update on the germs – still breeding. The effort of the day seemed to have let them send out more invites to their party and I have now lost my voice, back to a deathly paler with glands competing with golf balls. But at least I know come my Monday morning meeting I can look great (even though I may have to resort to hand signals to communicate) – Thanks Terry